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RevealJS Presentation Hacks


## reveal.js https://github.com/hakimel/reveal.js#revealjs-- by Hakim El Hattab / hakim.se

Reveal.js is a framework for easily crafting beautiful presentations in HTML

You'll need a browser with support for CSS 3D transforms to see it's full capabilities

reveal.js demo site: http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/

My experience with reveal.js: 1. I've been using it for 5+ years 2. I've tried contributing 3. If you want a nice WYSIWYG UI for editing reveal.js slides, take a look at http://slid.es 4. It's static html, so it can be hosted on gh-pages or in an S3 bucket

Easy PDF export option:


My needs:

  1. slides are easy to create
  2. slides are easy to share
  3. slides include metrics collection
> "What if slides were forkable and revision controlled?"



Slideshow Presentations


I want you to




Try it!

Create your own deck by forking a copy of this github gist:

Or, by placing any valid Revealjs <section> tag content into a fresh gist.

When you're ready to view your slides, grab your github gist id and add it to the end of this url:


## Gist-powered Slideshow Themes Available CSS themes include [the default reveal.js themes](http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/#/themes), but can be easily extended by storing new themes [in a gist](https://gist.github.com/450836bbaebcf4c4ae08b331343a7886): * [a theme from the CoreOS team](?theme=450836bbaebcf4c4ae08b331343a7886#/themes) * [a theme for OpenShift fans](?theme=60e54843de11a545897e#/themes) * [the revealjs black theme](?theme=black#/themes) * [the revealjs simple theme](?theme=simple#/themes) * [the revealjs league theme](?theme=default#/themes) * [the revealjs sky theme](?theme=sky#/themes) Conference organizers can host their own modified gist-reveal templating service (with it's own default theme), to provide a consistent look for all presentations at an event.

Friendly urls w/ bit.ly


Host your own slideshow service on Kubernetes

To create a kubernetes deployment and NodePort service, both named gist-reveal, run:

kubectl run gist-reveal --image=ryanj/gist-reveal \
--expose --port=8080 --service-overrides='{ "spec": { "type": "NodePort" } }' \

Minikube users should be able to open the new service in their browser by running:

minikube service gist-reveal

More slides to borrow / steal:

  1. bit.ly/k8s-workshops
  2. bit.ly/ato-k8s

May the Source be with You!

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